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The holiday season (aka Q4) is hands down the busiest time of the year for the advertising world. Between mailing off gifts to vendors, and clients wanting a new campaign up and running every other week, it can get chaotic. Now let’s add the fact that this is the time of year when many businesses plan for the upcoming year. Planning is a lengthy and time-consuming process. So, your friends here at Octagon Media have decided to give you some tips on planning for the upcoming year:

Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, the holiday season can get very chaotic very quickly, so try to plan ahead as much as you can. That means meeting with clients during Q3 to discuss any upcoming projects for Q4 as well as meeting with your team to discuss Q4. That way you and your team don’t get caught off guard and perhaps overwhelmed as soon as the fourth quarter months begin.

Manage Your Expectations

Many companies take the holiday season as an opportunity to go all out, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Between launching a fully integrated marketing campaign, re-designing your website and planning a holiday event, it’d be a good idea to stick to just one initiative.

Allocate Responsibilities

Don’t ever try to do everything by yourself; that’s what having a good team is for. If you find that things are getting hectic, don’t be afraid to evenly distribute responsibilities among your team. That way, deadlines can be met and no one is overwhelmed. And if you are having trouble allocating responsibilities internally, that’s where we come in. Contact us for any of your advertising or branding needs with ease.

Evaluate the Past Year

There is no future without a past, so it’s a good idea to reflect on the past year. What worked? What didn’t? What could be improved? Doing this will set the tone for the upcoming year.

Develop/Create Goals

Setting goals for the upcoming year will help in planning. Are you wanting to create a new logo? Want to start sending out merch? Want to garner more traffic to your website or place of business? Asking these kinds of questions will aid in strategy and project management for the new year.

As you plan for next year, take some time and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. The team at Octagon Media wishes you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!


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