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Octagon Media is a fast-growing advertising agency and marketing firm based in Louisiana that handles a variety of accounts across the nation.  We believe in a six-step process that begins with conducting in-depth research and ends with a quantitative analysis to show impactful results.  Our firm is a one-stop-shop capable of providing any service you may envision, from public relations to illustrations, copywriting or event management, media buying and commercial production; whatever your brand needs, we can handle it!



After 13 years of working for some of the largest advertising agencies in the industry, Maranda White packed her bags and set out on a journey to start her own agency. It was not a lifelong goal, but the opportunity presented itself after freelancing and white labeling her media buying talents part-time for many years while working full-time.

After assuming she would retire at LSU in her role as the Director of Communications and Marketing, she was laid off. Maranda took a leap of faith which landed her to the path of a new beginning.  She leaned on her knowledge to create White Enterprises of Louisiana, LLC.


Maranda began devoting all of her time as the principal of her own company delivering on the promise to provide strategic marketing and advertising solutions. Her hard work and dedication paid off; Octagon Media began as a media buying firm in November 2012.  Soon thereafter, in July 2013, she rented a one-room shared office space on Sherwood Forest Boulevard.  But quickly expanded to a full-service advertising agency in 2014. The company grew continuously and moved to a larger office on Sherwood Commons Boulevard in 2016. During the summer of 2021, Maranda purchased a 3,000 square foot commercial building near the previous location. 

The company's mission is to provide service to clients of all sizes with the commitment to generate effective, result-oriented advertising campaigns that will exceed client expectations.  Considered a veteran after 25 years of experience; Maranda remains rooted in her humble beginnings. Every decision made is centered on a desire to watch the agency's clients succeed.  

Maranda White Octagon Media



The inspiration for the Octagon Media came while founder Maranda White attended a Sunday school class focusing on the biblical meaning of numbers.  This is where she learned that the number eight was representative of regeneration, resurrection and transition. That resonated with Maranda, who was in the middle of a personal transformation, after becoming a divorcee and losing her job at LSU.


A symbol was needed to perfectly represent the future she envisioned. During a weekend trip at an arcade in Texas, the word “octagon” appeared as the answer to a word puzzle.  It was then she realized that the octagon, a shape with eight sides and eight angles, would be the symbol of her new beginning.  


 It was a perfect fit given how Maranda and her team fight to get results for our clients every day.  The relevance between the number, shape, mixed martial art fighting cage and boxing glove occurred during an internal team meeting while developing a creative concept and brand for Octagon Media.



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