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Public relations (better known by industry professionals as “PR”) is the practice of managing and disseminating information from an individual or an organization to the public in order to affect their public perception. To put it more simply, public relations is a strategic way of communicating between an organization and the public; the main function of public relations is to act as a liaison between an organization and the public. However, the world of public relations has more than just that one function. Here are three functions of PR and why they are important to your business:

Brand Reputation Management

Providing the public with a positive perception of a brand is one thing, making sure it stays that way is another. That is where brand reputation management steps in. The job of a PR specialist under this function is to communicate to the public in such a way that maintains the reputation of the business/organization.

Business Value Promotion

This function of PR takes brand reputation management a step further. If a business or company has a mission statement that entails all its core values, then a PR specialist that operates under business value promotions will take parts of that mission statement and regurgitate it in a few press releases to create a storyline for the public. This function is important as it upholds the integrity of any business/organization in question.

Community Relationship Management

Every successful company strives to create and maintain a relationship with the community, and this function of PR does just that. This is where companies get involved in community outreach programs and/or community service events to promote a positive image for their brand. Also, when and if an organization takes part in any philanthropic event, this is where their PR team makes sure that they are seen. An example would be making sure photographers are at a fundraising gala or food drive.



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