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Cloudy Skies, Clear Messaging

Questions to ask yourself before you engage your audience this May.

Who are you speaking to?

The first thing you must do is identify your target audience. This is not only the first step, but the only one in the process that is not a variable and you have no control over. Outside of changing your product or services, there is no way to really alter your target audience because they represent your clientele or customer base. Because of this, it is imperative that you have a complete understanding of your audience base and the message that would resonate best with them.

Where are you speaking to them?

Understanding your medium of communication is vital to clear communication. Why is your audience there? How much time do you have to grab their attention and communicate your message to them in a meaningful manner? These are big picture questions, but they are important in gaining full understanding of your audience and how you can best construct your message to suit them.

If you are targeting a user on Twitter, they are more likely to be searching for news and updates for an event than if they were on any other social media platform, meaning a compact and informative message is likely your best approach. If they are on Facebook, they may be looking for posts from friends and family, meaning they may be receptive to longer posts while on Instagram maybe they hardly look at the captions if at all, meaning your message must be conveyed effectively in the photo or video.

How are you speaking to them?

What is your tone like? Is it appropriate for the avenue of communication chosen? How receptive will your audience be to your tone?

Your tone must be reflective of the product or services you provide, but it also must also fall in line with the medium you have chosen to engage them in. You may be able to slightly alter your tone depending on what platform you are using, but generally you want to speak in a friendly (yet professional) and inviting tone.

Can they understand you in the short time they devote to you?

The universal truth about social media is that nobody logs on to social media to see ads. They are logging in to find news updates and receive updates from friends and families. Your audience may see and engage with your post, but you must keep in mind that you are operating in a small window where they will devote their attention to you.

To capitalize on any attention they give you, be sure you speak in direct sentences that use concise, plain language that is easily understandable by anybody who may be reading it. Do not linger and drag out your message any longer than it must be, grab their attention and explicitly state your message. Ideally your message should be short, sweet and to the point while also being captivating to a scrolling reader.


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