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oc·ta·gon  [äk-tə-gän], noun


1. Full-service advertising agency and marketing firm.

2. Shape with eight sides and eight angles.

3. Representation of resurrection, regeneration, rebirth, transition

and new beginnings; ours began in 2012.

4. Mixed martial art's infamous eight-sided fighting cage.




Although we don't sport the latest MMA gear, we are always ready to go toe-to-toe for our clients. Our ultimate goal? To help them knock out the competition with top-notch branding and messaging that resonates with their audience. By crafting a winning strategy through using savvy marketing and advertising tactics, we make sure our clients have the edge they need to dominate the market. From name recognition to building awareness, increasing sales or boosting engagement; we've got you covered!


 When our clients' are happy, we are happy. 

We all celebrate like we just won the title bout. 

So, who's ready to rumble with us?


Stuck for Ideas?
We've Got Plenty,

Let's Talk!


Physical Address:

4626 Sherwood Common Blvd.,

 Suite 202

Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 41172

 Baton Rouge, LA 70835

Phone: (225) 663-6878

General Info:

Tech Support:



Who we are.

Our passion.  

What we do.  

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