Department of Environmental Quality




The DEQ is a regulatory agency that oversees issues affecting the environment of Louisiana, and Keep Louisiana Beautiful focuses on education, enforcement, awareness, litter removal and beautification of the state. These organizations formed a joint initiative to find a new anti-litter slogan for the State of Louisiana. 


In July of 2016, First Lady Donna Edwards, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and Keep Louisiana Beautiful needed to develop the state’s new, official anti-litter slogan. They wanted to find a concept that produced a catchy, highly recognizable slogan that would also be effective at getting the anti-litter message across to the public.


The “Love The Boot. Don’t Pollute” slogan was printed on bumper stickers that were placed on all 12,000 state vehicles, including state agencies, parishes and municipalities. Environmental organizations also received electronic versions of the slogan and incorporated it into their print and digital communications. One strong statewide anti-litter slogan with high visibility throughout the state helps raise awareness of the litter problem, which is the first step to cleaning up our beautiful state.


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