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Take Your Content to the Next Level

All good things start with great content. Especially when it comes to what we do at Octagon Media. We are here to help convey our client's hopes and dreams into an effective, crafted message that truly resonates with their audience. Even if you aren’t in the Marketing and Advertising industry, writing is an essential job skill. Being able to communicate effectively fosters collaboration and creativity and lets us express our thoughts and feelings to others and ourselves.

Some of the important parts of becoming a writer are the art of spelling, proofreading, and taking ownership of your content. You never would want to put something out into the world that wasn’t spelled correctly and then reflected poorly on your company. Which brings us to proofreading. Proofreading can be monotonous but it’s a crucial part of being an exceptional writer. And last but not least, take ownership of your writing. Everyone’s writing style is different and that isn’t bad. It is common these days that everyone tries to be like the next person which leaves us with no originality or creativity. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your writing.  

When you can successfully master the skill of writing you are unstoppable. If you are in the market to improve your writing skills, we have put together a list of helpful tools to get started!

  • 750 Words – It encourages you to write at least 750 words each day and will show you how your writing improves over time.

  • Ginger Grammar Checker – This tool is great for checking your sentence structure and fixing grammar mistakes to help your ideas be more succinct and impactful for readers. 

  • Hemingway – In this tool, it will highlight complex sentences for you to rework in order to get a better readability score.

  • ResumeWriters – If you need help with editing your resume this is the place to do it!

Perfecting your writing skills doesn’t happen overnight. It is something that you have to practice constantly. Over time you will see that your writing journey is a continuous journey where you are always striving for the next level. If you want more ideas on how to improve your skills, give us a call!

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