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Unwrap the Joy of Christmas with Our Favorite Team Building Activities

From the Covid-19 pandemic to a whirlwind of political and cultural issues in 2020, it has been a difficult year for businesses across the United States. Some businesses have all or some of their employees in the office, while others have their entire team working remotely. Because of these changes, many co-workers have not been able to collaborate and come together in their usual workspace.

If you have noticed that your employees are less energetic than usual, it may be time to shake things up a bit with team building activities. Team building activities offer employees the chance to take a break from work and have fun with their co-workers. Luckily for you, we’re sharing our five winter team building activities that will bring your team together.

Complete an Escape Room

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that escape rooms are one of the best ways to put teamwork to the test. Escape rooms bring teams together through themed spaces that require problem-solving skills, time management, and communication. After successfully cracking the code of an escape room, we’re sure meeting deadlines will be a breeze!

Donate to Charity

Tis’ the season to giving back to those in need. Each year, millions of people face poverty during Christmas and are unable to celebrate. Encourage your co-workers to join forces and help a family in need or host an online fundraiser. Not only will they find joy in giving back together, but you will put a smile on the face of someone less fortunate this holiday season.

Host a Group Fitness Class

As dedicated working professionals, it can be difficult to squeeze in a fitness routine after work. In fact, having active employees can help boost productivity in the workplace. According to a study from the University of Georgia, inactive individuals can increase their energy levels by 20 percent with consistent exercise. You can host a group fitness class to increase your team’s energy and motivation with activities like yoga, dance, and pilates.

Sing Christmas Karaoke

Music makes the world go ‘round, especially when holiday tunes are in the air. Combine your team’s love for Christmas and music with some good ol’ Christmas karaoke. No matter if you’re singing solo or all together, this activity allows you to create memories through collaboration—and yes, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is a must for any office karaoke!

Solve a Scavenger Hunt

Do you remember going on scavenger hunts as a kid? It was fun, it was exciting, and it was adventurous. Get the excitement flowing by having a scavenger hunt in your office! All that you have to do is designate someone to hide items and clues around the office, then divide into teams and find out who can solve the puzzle first. Who doesn’t love friendly bragging rights?

While all activities must be completed with CDC-approved Covid-19 guidelines in mind, these activities can be tweaked for the safety of your employees. And remember, it’s all about bringing your team together just in time for Christmas, so have fun and be safe!

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