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Brand Identity Matters

branding identity matters

There are many branding opportunities for businesses. From ad campaigns to social media updates and even printed marketing materials. Sometimes, those pieces are handled by entirely different people within the company, so it’s easy to see how a company can get a little lost while trying to maintain a consistent brand identity.

The lack of consistency may not be noticeable at first but failing to stick to a consistent branding scheme can leave a negative impact on your business. When there isn’t a clear path that you follow everyone, including your clientele, can get lost. In order to make sure you take your brand identity to the next level you need to understand why a consistent brand matters.

A consistent brand matters because it:

  • Projects professionalism

  • Establishes authenticity

  • Provides clarity

  • Builds trust

  • Offers internal direction

  • Provides simplicity

A brand guideline a is great tool to make sure you are incorporating consistent branding into your business. A brand guideline is an in-depth document that guides the marketing department on what colors, fonts, and even messaging to use when creating content for them. The guideline should always align with the company’s vision and mission and include multiple ways to talk about the brand in different situations. Walmart has their brand guideline visible to the public so everyone can see the exact colors and how they prefer to use their material.

This is another example of how a brand guideline could look.

brand guideline

Image Source: Google

It all comes down to consumers want to know you. Interacting with consumers through a consistent brand voice and aesthetic is a major step towards letting consumers get to know you as an organization and identify with your purpose. Call Octagon Media today if you need help with creating a brand guideline!

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