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How To Do SEO in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a new concept. Just about everyone has a basic understanding of what SEO is and how it helps your business. But, like most things, they adapt and change, so some of the rules you may have followed in the past probably aren’t the up to date methods. If you aren’t familiar with Search Engine Optimization you might want to dive into the basics before continuing. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights for helping you rank in search engines for 2020.

How to do SEO in 2020

​1. Back to the basics.

A great place to start is going back to the basics of your SEO. You might have been doing some SEO practices for a few years now, but we can bet there are some areas that need cleaning up or just routine maintenance. You want to make sure that your old content is ranking just as much as your new content (pro tip: your old content will rank better often times because it has had more time in the algorithm). You can start by:

  • Resolving duplicate content.

  • Restructuring your website.

  • This means making sure that all of your alt text, descriptions and other fields are filled out for each section.

  • Update content inaccuracies.

  • Improve the speed by making sure videos are the right speed or that you aren’t overloading your site

  • And removing bad backlinks that are dead ends.

These are mundane tasks and aren’t ones that will come steal the spotlight of your SEO, but they do matter, and they are areas that you can have a direct say over to help build your rankings, traffic and conversions.

2. Comfort over everything.

In a world where there are cyber security issues all of the time and where information is so easily accessible, comfort and security will be the MOST important thing. People care about safety so search engines care about it too. Many experts believe that speed will become more important. We touched on this above but it’s very important so it’s worth mentioning again. You need to be mindful of metrics that Google considers when ranking sites for speed. You will also want to look into making sure your site is secure. If you have ever noticed, some sites are HTTP while others are HTTPS. The ‘s’ stands for secure and it’s definitely what you want your site to have. You can learn more about securing your site here.

3. Personalization is key.

Search engines are getting more and more personalized. It’s easy for them to know your location, what you like to eat, where you like to shop and your habits for what types of content you want to see. Personalization became important long ago but will continue to rise in 2020. The search engine results page differs for each user depending on their location, device, history of previous interactions and search. When working on your SEO you need to really understand the needs of your users and the context in which they will use search. You need to think about how they will ask questions, what questions they are asking, and what words are important to them. If you are using the wrong keywords or just wording them in a different way than your audience your content will not be listed. Make sure you aren’t trying to optimize your content for the search engine but that you are writing for the user.

The main take away for SEO in 2020 is that you need to cater to people. Write content for the people, provide them with good information and links and make sure you are providing them with a safe and secure user experience. If you need help with your SEO, that is one of our specialties. We can help you make sure you are doing everything you can to rank higher in the search results as well as build your brand reputation. Give us a call and we will get started right away!

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