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Why You Should Create Your Own Version of Linktree

Why You Should Create Your Own Linktree

Linktree has been one of the most popular tools on Instagram this past year. One of Instagram’s most ANNOYING downfalls has been the fact that you can only add one link on your profile to share with the world. For those that are under 10K, without the ability to swipe up, that link is incredibly valuable! Linktree is a great way to house multiple links so you can utilize the single bio link to its fullest potential.

However, there is an even better way to go about this, and that is creating your own landing page to house all of your links! By creating your own landing page, you stay on brand. There are no options to customize your page on Linktree. It has their colors, their logo, and all of their branding. If you create your own page you get to do all of this with your own colors, logo and branding. Not to mention, Linktree is taking people away from your site while if you use your own page it’s linking people already directly to your site. Taking out that unnecessary third-party leaves room for less error and for people to stay on and navigate through your site.

Not to mention, it is SO EASY! All you need is a mobile friendly website, a blank page and some buttons! It is as simple as creating a new page called “Learn More” or “Links” and make sure it isn’t linked to anywhere else on your site, as you only want people to come to this page from the link on your Instagram bio. Then, on that page at our 5 favorite links that we list below to the page as well as some cute branding and you’re good to go! Update the link in your bio and voila! You look like a true IG pro!

Create Your Custom Linktree

When you are creating your customized landing page, be sure to add these 5 things!

1. Your Latest Blog Post

2. Schedule a Session or Call

3. View Services

4. Follow on Another Social Media Platform

5. Subscribe to Your Email


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