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Is Hiring a Full Time Employee More Cost Effective?

A common way business owners’ compare whether or not to hire a marketing employee or a marketing agency is to use a base salary versus an hourly quote for a marketing agency and thus conclude that since the hourly rate is higher it must be more expensive. That is not the case. We are going spill the details on why hiring an entire agency is actually more cost efficient and better for your business.

Marketing Agency vs. Full Time Employees - What is more cost efficient

Something that is often overlooked are the true costs associated with hiring and retaining an employee such as the base salary, federal, state and /or local taxes as well as health insurance contributions, retirement plan matches, vacation, sick days, etc. That doesn’t even include recruiting and training that potential employee and hoping they stay at your company longer than it took for you to find them in the first place.

We took a look at what a total compensation of a Marketing Manager would be. This is taken from based in Baton Rouge, LA. The numbers are averages based on location and will vary depending on needs and location of business.

Your total compensation ends up being around $137,168 annually.

Now, let’s look at what a hiring a Marketing Agency costs. You can hire agencies on a retainer agreement, monthly or by projects. We are going to estimate a 1-year retainer to compare it to the annual salary of a hired marketing professional.

Marketing Agency

Inbound Marketing Monthly $3,000

Software subscriptions $1,000

Total Annual Expenditure $48,000

That is an Annual Expenditure Difference of = $89,168

It seems like a no brainer, right? Hiring an agency will save you loads of money but that isn’t the only positive about hiring an agency.

With marketing agencies, you are getting access to more than just a marketing professional but a whole list of professionals with mass knowledge in different areas like a social media manager, art director, graphic designers, media coordinators, content strategists and more. Those salaries all split up would look something like this…

  • Marketing Coordinator: $46,756

  • Marketing Associate: $49,708

  • Social Media Manager: $55,901

  • Content Strategist: $87,174

  • Marketing Manager: $78,429

  • Director of Marketing: $109,492

  • VP of Marketing: $163,134

You get all of this skill and expertise for one price.

Not to mention, most agencies are up to date with the latest technology and tools so you will be to! Lastly, there is no training and no learning curves you just start working right from the start.

Have we convinced you that hiring a Marketing Agency is the right choice? What are you waiting for… give us a call!

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