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Learn How to Get a Response Through Email Marketing

Sending out introduction emails to potential clients, employers or collaborators is one of the great challenges of professional life in the digital age. Most people get flooded with emails on a daily basis and most days it seems that’s all we do. Because of this, emails can get skipped over unless they are important enough or offer something of value to the recipient. Even though it can be challenging, cold emails are a valuable business technique that you don’t want to dismiss.

Instead, use our tips to work on your strategy for turning these awkward emails into fruitful connections.

Learn How to get a Response Trhough Email Marketing

1. Start with a subject line that can’t be ignored

Hopefully, we don’t have to tell you that your subject line is a make or break. Looking back at personal experiences, how long did it take you to delete or skip over an email with the subject line, “An opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!”. Probably not long, right?

You need to make it clear that you are not a spammer and that you have something of significance to offer. An easy way to make you seem more personable and less “salesy” is to only capitalize the first letter of the sentence. Consider something along the lines of:

“Hey [name]. Hoping to chat about [company/job/theme]”

“Question about [company]”

“Re: your [article/post/interview] about [theme]”

Something else you could do is to start a little list of all of the email signatures you get in that you find compelling and make you want to click on. It might also be good to take note of the ones that you disregard instantly so you can make sure to avoid those.

2. Do your research and then prove to them you know what you are talking about

When you email someone that you’ve never met and request their attention, you want to show that you’re actually interested in their work and that you are reaching out is a genuine interaction and not one that is just trying to something or get something from them. You need to subtlety show them why you believe that you could make a great fit together. Here are some examples:

“I follow your company on Twitter and was excited to learn that […]”

“I really like your recent work on […] and think that we have some common interests.’

‘With your company’s focus on […], I think you will find our platform helpful in your work on […]’

3. Emphasize what’s in it for them

Building on the last two points, one way to really gain their attention and avoid the dreaded spam folder, is to focus on your suggested collaboration with the recipient and what you can do for them to make their lives easier. Where most people go wrong is, they try and flaunt their assets hoping this will garner their attention but really why would this company care? If you can tell them how you can help them, now that’s a different story. Here’s an example:

‘I’ve worked as a cyber security consultant for a variety of organizations, including [details]. I believe I can offer [company name] valuable insights on how to protect your company and your clients from harmful attacks, and I can work with your team on implementing actionable steps to do so.”

4. Lastly, be clear about the next step

You’ve done great work on getting them to click on the email, read it and now you want to make sure the follow through with what you are asking and respond back. Your email needs to include a call-to-action that motivates the recipient to put something in motion. If you put a question in the email or leave something open ended, then you’ll make it harder for that person not to respond. Call-to-actions invites them to make the next move, while still allowing you to be the one setting the terms. Choose one course of action that you prioritize and steer them in that direction:

“I’d love to continue the conversation with a quick phone call. When would be a good time for you?”

“We still have available slots for our webinar next week and would love it if you could join. You can RSVP right here.”

“I set up this 30-second demo for you. Have a look and let me know how you’d like to proceed.”

Are you ready to send out a professional email to potential clients? We can help you take it to the next level with personalized designs to wow any client.

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