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How to Step Up Your Company LinkedIn Page Game

Most people think that LinkedIn is just for job-searching. That is partially true. Job searching is definitely a huge part of LinkedIn, but it’s not the only part. LinkedIn is also a way to engage with companies and brands to learn more about who they are. LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog reported that 50% of LinkedIn members report they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

How to Step Up Your Company LinkedIn Page Game

In this day and age of marketing your business you need to be on social media and LinkedIn should be included in the round up. This is a great way to establish your brand and take it to the next level. Being on LinkedIn gives you credibility, allows people to see your expertise and it’s a place that people can connect with you to stay up to date on current business topics. If you are a little behind on how to use LinkedIn effectively, allow us to fill you in.

Write a Compelling Description

Best advice; just start. You are allowed 2000 characters to sum up all of the hard work, passion and experience that defines your brand. You need to summarize up “who you are” in the most attractive way. It’s important to hit the basics: your story, your most significant products and a look into your history. Don’t forget that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) matters here. This means optimizing for keyword searches based on phrases that describe your brand, industry and areas of expertise. Learn a little more about SEO here.

List Your Strengths and Specialties

Your company has so many talents and abilities so be sure to share them! You can list up to 20, so pick your top skills that describe your business and make sure you are thinking about what LinkedIn users would naturally search for when needing a business such as yourself. For example, if you are a landscaper, your specialties might be “sod installation/hydroseeding”, “Landscape care/maintenance”and “perennial, annual, shrub and tree planting”. They are specific and detailed, so when possible customers search these terms your page will pop up.

Add Your Professional Logo

Companies that include a professional logo on their LinkedIn pages get six times more traffic. Your logo is a visual identity that provides your audience with the assurance that you’re an authentic and professional company. Plus, your logo gives your brand recognition and this app is a great place to reinforce who you are and what your identifiers are. Adding your logo goes beyond just your profile photo. It will show up in many other places throughout the platform. Specifically, when someone searches for your company, as well as show up on all of your employees’ profiles and alongside your posts. If you don’t have a logo, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. That is one of our specialties!

Upload an Impressive Cover Photo

Think about what you are more likely to click when scrolling through a feed. Something eye catching and attractive right? It’s a natural instinct to go for the “shiniest” thing. When users enter your company page on LinkedIn, one of the first things they will see is your cover photo. Don’t let this just be the generic cover photo. This is another opportunity to brand yourself, your image and sell your business to potential customers. Take a look at Nike, for example, they display shoes and apparel in their cover photo, so their audience instantly understands what they sell and it drives their brand image even further. You can follow through by incorporating your company’s brand colors and work like we did. Pro tip; your cover photo should be 1,536 by 768 pixels for a business page.

Link to Your Website and Social Networks

This step is incredibly important. You want to spread your influence across the multiple platforms that connect you to the online world. This is a simple strategy to implement that will hopefully provide an easy flow for your customers to go from one channel to the next. The goal is taking them from looking at your current article on LinkedIn and then pop over to see what you are posting on Instagram and then maybe click to your website and read your blog posts and continue on in that fashion. The more time they spend on your company pages the more likely they will be to keep coming back, which will in turn result into paying customers. You should make sure you are linking your email, company newsletters, blogs, social channels and business website.

Set Up Your “Career” Page

LinkedIn can be used for many different things like we talked about earlier, but its main service is for job-searching, so you should make sure you’re taking full advantage of this. The ‘Career Page’ section is split into two: ‘Jobs’ and ‘Life’. The ‘Jobs’ tab is used to showcase different employment opportunities within your company and the ‘Life’ tab serves as a place to describe the culture and story of your company. The main goal here is to let your followers learn as much as possible. Use pictures, testimonials, employee stories and anything that will let your followers see yourcompanyon a deeper level. You can also set up showcase pages if you want to split up your content to reach more specific audiences.

Post Powerful Content

Are you ready for the most insightful piece of information? If you share quality content that people can learn from, engage with and leave feeling like they have gained something from their time there, then they will keep coming back. Okay, so maybe not anything you didn’t already know, but it’s the truth. You need to make sure you are either telling your customers what you can do for them, letting them see behind the scenes so they can learn about a more authentic representation of your brand or tell them about best practices or tips for your industry.

Engage Your Employees

Something you may forget to focus on is having your employees add your company page to their profile. By adding their positions and linking back to your page, it helps spread your company across multiple social followings. Your employees can help grow your following and raise awareness by following or tagging your company page posts.

Overall, your employees help you gain exposure to people you may not reach on your own. Hopefully this helped you learn more about a platform you may currently be lacking in. Check out LinkedIn’s Best of Company Pages for 2018 to see what it takes to make your LinkedIn page one of the best.

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