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Octagon's Favorite Commercials of 2018

It's that time of year again... the time where the Octagon Media team picks their favorite commercial advertisements of the previous year. Seeing as we are an advertising agency, we thought it would be a fun tradition to spark creativity and reflect on what it is we think makes these advertisements stand out so we can bring that same special magic to our clients in 2019.

Some may make you laugh, some may pull at your heart strings, but they all have something in common. They make you feel, which is a powerful thing in the marketing and advertising world.

Maranda White - "Instagram Boyfriend" by Taco Bell

I am reminded of content writer, Makenzie and her boyfriend, Peter. Not only does she handle social media for our team but she has her own personal blog. After listening to her stories of ensuring she gets the perfect social media “shot”; I can’t help but giggle each time I watch this commercial. Being in the advertising industry, I understand the importance and urgency.

Stephen Llorens - “Alexa Loses Her Voice” by Amazon

"The reason I like this commercial is because it showcased what was popular and trending at the time, but also shows the many ways that Alexa can be used in everyday tasks."

Gavin Michelli - " Home Alone (Again)" by Google

"Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with companies cashing in on the nostalgia of 90’s kids like myself..."

Chad Murray - (This one was so good, it was picked twice!)

"I like it because it’s a call back to the old movie with the original actor as an adult now. Looking like a parody video while also advertising the Google Home without shoving it in your face. That is an ad."

Kenzie Finks - "Good Odds" by Toyota "I am all about commercials that inspire me to do more or be a better person while also advertising their product. Watching her achieve greatness even when the odds were against her pushes me to do the same... while also making me feel good about Toyota's brand as a whole."

Jamie Hernandez - "Dundee" by Tourism Australia

"This is my favorite commercial because it’s so clever! It’s a known fact that the public doesn’t generally like watching commercials, but I kept watching this one because I thought I was watching a movie trailor. I definitely can appreciate the creativity that went into this production. Kuddos to this advertising team."

Bertha White - "Cascade Lets Your Dish Washer be the Dish Washer" by Cascade

"I like it because it gives a very logical point."

So, what do you think? Were any of these your favorites from 2018?

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