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3 Best Practices for Using Facebook Live

From text to images and videos to live streaming, content and the way you engage with your audience has really changed. Brands are continuously looking to engage their audiences faster and more effectively, especially now. In a world filled with new content every second, a good way to engage and connect is by utilizing Facebook Live.

As the most popular social media platform in the world – with more than 2 billion users – Facebook gives you a platform where your customers are already spending their time. When you use a website, blog or other social platform you have to come up with ways to get people to your site. By using Facebook, you are eliminating that barrier. Not to mention, Facebook provides a wide range of ways for brands to engage and interact with their audience.

In the age of instant gratification, Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are big players for reaching core audiences. You will want to make sure you are utilizing our best practices for going Live on Facebook, so you get the results you are looking for.

Announce beforehand.

This will create more excitement and build anticipation about what you are showcasing. If you think about it, announcing ahead of time allows for more of your followers to see that you will be going live and then they will make sure they tune in. If you don’t announce then you are leaving it up to chance on whoever might be scrolling by at that exact time. Facebook says that users spend 3x longer watching video when it is live, compared to pre-recorded or saved video. You want them to tune in while you are live, so announcing beforehand is key.

Be authentic.

Your audience will be more likely to buy into your brand if they can buy into you. Using Facebook Live for business gives you the benefit of personal approach and connection. You can do quick Q&A sessions to let your audience get to know you or use it to showcase ‘behind the scenes’ elements of your business. Social Media is all about one thing… being social. You want to let your audience into your world, so they can see your human side. Don’t forget to say hello to commenters by name and respond to their questions. Your audience will feel valued and excited to hear you mention their name and respond to their comments. This also encourages more participation and engagement from everyone else!

Stay live for at least 10 minutes.

The longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover it and tune in. This will drive more traffic to your Facebook page during and after the Live as well. Facebook announced how Live videos can drive 10 times more comments because of the real time connection between users. More comments mean more follows and more follows mean more business. Try showing people around your office or walking through a step by step process of one of your services to create longer and more engaging videos.

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