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Steps to Opening a Business

We pride ourselves on being a helpful hand to those who are interested in starting their own business. We understand that the beginning steps are scary; but, we hope to alleviate some of the worries.

1. Fine-tune your idea.

What is it that you’re wanting to do? What are your goals? Objectives? Vision? Who is your target audience?

2. Build a business plan.

Using all the information that you have for your business idea, create a business plan that will be the premise of your selling point. Using this business plan, you can convince others to either join or invest in you during this new quest.

3. Conduct market research.

Using research and analytics, find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business. In addition, find the permits and licenses that would be needed to open this business. The legal structure of your business is a large part of the foundation of what you’re trying to build. We can help you with this.

4. Produce a business name.

Choose something that sets you apart from competition while also creating a clear, concise message about your brand.

5. Gather business funds.

Using your business profile, you can begin gathering investors. In addition, you can research various business profiles. Choosing the correct loan lender is essential to starting your business.

6. Choose a location based on research.

Based on your earlier research, find a location for your opening business. Choose a place that reaches your target audience while bearing in mind your funds.

7. Register your business & setup federal and state tax IDs.

Because your business is becoming more and more official, it is time to make it official. Registering your business name and gathering your tax IDs helps legitimize your business.

8. Create a brand and marketing strategy.

While the first seven steps are incredibly detailed, at this point, your business is ready to have an identity. Having an agency that knows the ins and outs of advertising allows your business to expand and succeed. Using our market research, we can conduct a marketing plan to execute so that we can maximize your coverage and exposure. Our design team will get your business collateral ready and rolling. Octagon Media has helped various new businesses begin their journey. From website development to ribbon cuttings, we’re here to help you take the next step.

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