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Design and Marketing Trends of the Year

Millennial Minimalism

Young people are into simple, clean designs. With the upcoming generations, less is typically more. Research has found that a majority of social media users often skip the text and just look at the images shared. Don’t overshare with bulk text and remember that each person will look at your posts for 6 seconds or less, so keep it eye catching while easy to read and understand. Millennials use your social media as the review of your company and products. Be sure to create a space that conveys excellence, transparency and customer care.

Live Video

An inexpensive, easy way to reach your followers is live video. Now that both Facebook and Instagram offer this feature, social media has made live, authentic reach more accessible than ever. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. With that in mind, companies are using videos to present tutorials, workspace lifestyles, new products and announcements.

80’s and 90’s Palette Designs

They say that everything seems to make a full circle and reappear, and boy were they right regarding design. This year, companies, stores and design teams have drawn inspiration from 80’s and 90’s patterns and art. Bright colors, vintage text, and “90’s babies” aesthetics is bringing in a larger quantity of young people interacting with social media posts. Current designs are modernizing graphic trends from the past to simplify the way imagery looks. Stores like Urban Outfitters are using this to increase sales, website traffic and interaction analytics.

Photo by Daria Kwon

Personalized Designs

Making designs and marketing concepts personable isn’t always easy. But, companies like Coca-Cola are setting the bar high using personalized designs. Their recent marketing campaign “Share a Coke” has increased sales and spread light on their company. What we can learn from this campaign and the use of personalized designs is that it provides free marketing (everyone shares a picture on their social media or buys their friend a coke), it improves customer relations as it is more personable, and allows companies to better understand target audiences. Know your market, your goals and remember to stay connected with your consumers by being relatable and fun.

Responsive Logos

When you see the golden M, you know you’ve reached McDonald’s. But, have you noticed the changes of their logo over the last few years? Companies like McDonalds, Nike, and Heineken all have responsive logos. Responsive logos do just what it says, respond. They respond to the way advertising, marketing and aesthetic elements change. While logos that are popular stay relatively the same, the elements of the logo changes leaving a fresh, exciting look to the always changing community of consumers.

Photo by Joe Harrison

Inclusiveness and Diversity

This year has been a year of many changes. So far, a developing trend that is being incorporated is the use of inclusiveness and diversity. As major movies are showing more LGBTQ+ relationships, stores announcing their restroom friendly policies, companies using a variety of ethnicities to market a clothes line or the way make up industries are being more inclusive with more shades of foundation, it is evident that the marketing strategies are changing to better include everyone in their target audience while making minorities feel included.

Though we see trends happening in design and marketing, it is evident that we continue adapting to these changes to stay up to date with what is new, fresh, exciting and working. While it’s easy to stay stagnant and comfortable in your box, marketing and online traffic will only improve once you’re involved and innovative with the new trends and design elements. Our team constantly updates and researches our most effective ways to reach a target audience and uses this to create the best of the best for our clients. Like our CEO says, it’s useless to create a great advertisement if no one sees it. Let us help evolve you and we’re bound to go places.

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