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10 Tips for Boosting Social Media Engagement

In a world of social media, marketing, and advertising, we all desire more likes and comments on our posts. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to get the most interactions and engagements. Because social media is constantly updating and changing, we must continue to keep up with the changes to have the most reached social media outlets. Here are tips for boosting social media engagement.

1. Take advantage of your app’s uses.

If you’re using Instagram, don’t overshare on your timeline. Take advantage of the Instagram story feature. Likewise, Facebook offers various ways to share posts. Using images, Facebook allows one to share a post that stands out in the crowd rather than mixing with the typical font type.

2. Use hashtags.

Hashtags aren’t just pound signs with words behind them. They’re a way for people to search and interact with your posts. What’s new: Instagram now allows people to follow hashtags as well as accounts. So, using a popular hashtag may bring you a lot more engagement than you think. #HowNeat

3. Be active on your social media outlets. No one wants to follow a dead account. If you’re only posting once every three months, people will begin losing interest in your social media. Be active and respond accordingly to the people who are commenting on your posts. Engagement is a two-way street.

4. Be consistent. Bloggers, companies, and popular social media outlets all have one thing in common: consistency. Consistency works. Octagon uses a hint of orange, which is one of our branding colors, in most posts. This keeps our page fresh and up to date.

5. Acknowledge other people’s accounts.

What is interesting about social media is the community that comes along with it. Be a part of it and indulge in the communications that are accessible to you because of your media outlets. Collaborate, reach out, and communicate more with other brands. Networking is made simple with social media.

6. Have a personality.

Have you ever called a customer service line and just talked to robotic voice? That’s no fun and usually not very helpful. Don’t be that robot on your social media. Have fun with it and express yourself appropriately.

7. Use polls and surveys.

Twitter and Instagram have made polls and surveys easily accessible. With twitter, it’s a touch of a button as you post a status. However, Instagram utilizes this feature on the Instagram stories using the poll option. Both give results within 24 hours and allow you to share these results.

8. Post during peak times.

Your friends aren’t awake at 3:30 in the morning (or at least we hope not). Post your items during peak times. Let’s think realistically: morning routines, lunch breaks, when leaving work, and when laying down in bed. Thinking realistically about times when interaction is higher allows for more people to view your content.

9. Stay abreast new trends and editing software.

Having a social media that looks aesthetically pleasing really boosts social media engagement. Don’t slack on editing and trendy photo uses.

10. Hire Octagon Media.

Listed above was various ways to boost your interactions on your social media outlets. But, let’s be real: professionals do it best. Octagon Media chooses the best ways to get interactions, create designs, and communicate effectively with other people. In addition, we research the analytics and give feedback to the growing areas of a company’s social media and capitalize on those growths. Furthermore, our agency uses your social media to directly impact your sales and company growth. With customer service responses and guaranteed peak post times, your social media in great hands with us.

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