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Super Bowl: Our 2018 Favorites

Superbowl Sunday is always an exciting time. If you’re from the South like most of our team is, you know that there is no shortage of king cake, laughing, and gumbo at your Superbowl parties. However, marketing professionals tend to be just as excited for the advertisements between game segments as much as the game itself. The commercials are often some of the most exciting, enticing, commercials of the year. We love the buzz that surrounds the commercials for the days that follow the big game. Here are a list of our favorite commercials:

Chelsea Chifici: Budweiser, Stand By You

Budweiser does a great job bringing the people who have faced a lot of loss this last year, together, through water. This commercial uses an emotional appeal to connect with viewers as they show a glimpse into the process of their relief efforts.

Bethany Frink: Tide, It's Another Tide Ad

Through a series of ads, Tide uses comedy to appeal to the Super Bowl viewers. By using various typical commercial settings, Tide makes every commercial about clean clothes. This “Old Spice” look takes the cake!

Bertha White: Pepsi, This is the Pepsi For Every Generation

Pepsi, unlike last year, uses their pedestal to bring together diversity through an ad that is more inclusive.

Derek Weddington: Toyota, Good Odds

Toyota does not disappoint with this ad. Through the life of Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft from infant to gold medalist, the entire commercial takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster showing the issues she faces through her journey.

Erionne Walker: Super Bowl, Time of My Life

The Super Bowl commercial uses the famous movie “Dirty Dancing” to add a comedic element. With the humor and song choice, this commercial is incredibly compelling!

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