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Octagon's Favorite Commercials of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we took a moment to reflect on our favorite commercial advertisements of the year. While some are funny, and some are more serious, each commercial communicated to us in a meaningful way. Commercial advertisements are powerful because they reach a multitude of people from all different backgrounds.

With that being said, here are our favorites:

Maranda White - “Stand Up” by Capital City Alliance

“Not to brag but my favorite commercial in 2017 was one Octagon Media actually produced for Capital City Alliance. In addition to meeting great people and hearing their stories, it was a true reality check knowing so many have to overcome daily judgement and criticism. Working on the anti-bullying campaign for the LGBTQ community was an honor.”

Chelsea Chifici - “Daughter” by Audi

“I love that this commercial went above and beyond regarding visuals and tone. It both empowers women and reminds us all that progress and passion coincide. Audi did a fabulous job with this!”

Bethany Frink - “Love Has No Labels” by The Ad Council

“This is my favorite ad commercial from this year because I tear up (if not cry) every single time I watch it. R/GA and the Ad Council did an amazing job putting this video together. Because it stands for much of what I believe in, I always get chills when it is playing. Not only was it successful in reaching a mass audience and being talked about on different media platforms, it is an ad that I, personally, will never forget.”

William White "Mr Bill" - “Domino’s Pizza Insurance” by Domino’s

“They play this commercial so much I feel as though I have been brainwashed to thinking it is my favorite!”

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