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Octagon's Favorite Ads of 2016

It’s that time of year again when we all put our brains to work choosing favorite ads from the past year. Now, we are ready to share them with you…

Maranda (Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan)

What else can I say….I’m a hopeless romantic.

Bertha (Clorox® Bleachable Moments--Belt Buckle)

I think it’s very clever how the child doesn’t tell mom what has really happened so mom doesn’t know what to expect.

Kaitlyn (Apple — Frankie’s Holiday)

I love ads that do unexpected things. The first time I saw this commercial, it pulled me right in. The storytelling was so unique and compelling that I actually wanted to see how it played out. Throw in a classic Hollywood movie monster and a Christmas carol and I was hooked. If you ask me, all great ads tell a good story, and this story was beautiful.

Brady (Toyota Prius Super Bowl 2016 Commercial)

I chose this commercial because it portrays a very simple message but does it in a creative way. Instead of just saying you get great gas mileage, they used a narrative to show that instead. I also love the fact that they left the first commercial open-ended which allowed for multiple sequels to the story which added on to the narrative.

Jada (Volkswagen Tiguan ad: Laughing Horses)

The laughing horses commercial is one of my favorite commercials of 2016 because it’s something I can relate to. One--I’m not the best driver and always feel like somebody is watching me when I’m backing into parking spots. Two--I often wonder: do animals watch and laugh at the awkwardness of humans? The commercial shows a problem I think happens often and then a solution to fix it all while being seriously funny and straightforward.

Happy 2017 Readers!

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