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Octagon Media: Movin' Out

If you haven’t heard, Octagon Media has officially packed its bags and moved offices.

Now, if you really want to learn something about your team, have them move offices together. We spent over eight hours moving furniture, mounting TVs, building furniture, making store runs and dealing with car trouble, most of it without A/C (noootttt ideal moving conditions when we’re talking Louisiana in the summertime). It was loads of hard work, but believe it or not, we had a blast (and some delicious onion rings).

We still have some work to do, but we’re so excited to be starting this new chapter in our agency’s history as we continue working to build our brand and serve our clients.

In honor of the new office, we decided that Instead of doing our traditional blog this month, we would share a bit of our experience with you in the form of a Facebook photo album entitled *dramatic hand gesture* “Moving Day 2016.”

*Cue classic 70s sitcom music*

(Click the image to view the album.)

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