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How to Design the Perfect Logo

A logo is part of your brand and will be the most recognizable visual aspect for your company. A logo represents the legacy of a company that will be seen far into the future by multiple generations. For this reason, it is important to take the time to develop a logo that best represents your company image.

Make it Unique

When designing a logo, it is important to your company’s identity that the logo is unique. Purchasing a logo program or template from graphic software means your logo will not be unique to you. You are not the only person using the software you purchased. Other people in your industry may choose the same logo as well.

Logos are personal to your company. It is worth it to spend the extra money and hire a graphic designer that can create a design that reflects your company and your company persona.

Lost in Translation

The logo should relate and represent to the company and the industry. Stay away from inside jokes or information. Keep your consumers in mind and figure out what is appealing to them.

Designs should be simplistic and easy to recreate across various media’s. The logo will be used on letterhead as well as the internet. You also have to consider how consumers will view your logo such as signage, tablets and smartphones. Other media’s to consider:

  • Business Cards

  • Billboards

  • Television

  • Storefront Signage

  • Car Wraps

  • Website

  • Bus Stop Ads

  • Yard Signs

When working with a graphic artist, remember to get electronic copies of the logo in the software it was created in. Get the copies even if you don’t have the software. If for any reason you part ways with the graphic designer or they go out of business, You will have usable and editable files and will not have to pay another designer to recreate.

Choosing Your Colors

Colors have meaning and can impact our emotions so try not to use too many colors when creating your logo. The goal is to keep it simple. Too many colors can also make the logo difficult to reproduce. Colors impact our emotions.

  • Yellow = Optimism, Clarity and Warmth.

  • Orange = Friendly, Cheerful and Confidence

  • Red = Excitement, Youthful and Bold

  • Purple = Creative, Imaginative and Wise

  • Blue = Trust, Dependable, and Strength

  • Green = Peaceful, Growth and Health

  • Gray = Balance, Neutral and Calm

Stick to It

Once you choose a logo, stick with it. It’s okay to refresh your logo every few years. If consumers don’t recognize your logo, they no longer recognizing you. Also, consider how a consumer will feel if you change your logo every six months or every year. You are giving the impression that you are not stable or reliable.

Test It Out

Mock up several logos then compile a survey. Ask people which logo they like best. Try to capture their reaction and feelings about each mock logo. Taking the extra time and effort is worth it if you want to build a strong brand identity.

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